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Mother’s Group

Director – Brandon Weston

Producer – Joshua Hall Haines

Role - Angela      


A Basement on a Hill

Lonesome Twin Films

Directors – Cassidy Hill & Charlie Lewis

Role - Mother


Monkey Do Tricks Productions

Director – David  Meadows


Guest Speaker

Bitch Slap Productions

Director – Lucinda Marty

Role – Grace


Waking The Tiger

Director – Sam McLenahan


The Five Minute Kid

Tangent Productions

Director – Tanya Murphy


Urban Lights

Director – Lily Martin



Nicholson Films

Director – Fern Nicholson



Volcano Pictures

Director – Courtney Waller



West Coast Pictures P/L

Director – Ron Elliott


Sugar & Spice

Nicholson Films

Director – Fern Nicholson


Curious Alice

Director – Edwin Lynch


The Puppeteers

Director – Emma Pantall



Ambitious Student Productions

Director – Declan Loughran