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THE KOOL KREATIVE Co was established in 2012 as a "drop in" place for actors to keep up their performance  skills without having to commit to expensive workshops and classes.    The Kool Kreative classes have been so successful that we have recently established The Kool Kreative ensemble which presented two shows at the 2016 Perth Fringe Festival. 


We also offer workshops in various areas of the industry at a cost affordable to most.


Natalie Ryan-Brand is at the helm of The Kool Kreative Co and has over 30 years experience in a multitude of areas within the entertainment industry and  is committed to helping those who have a passion for the craft.  No matter what level of expertise a student has reached in the craft, Natalie is there to help them move upwards and onwards with their career; acting as a mentor and friend to those who wish to bring out the shine on their performance.  THE KOOL KREATIVE Co also sources wonderful and committed "Guest Lecturers" to facilitiate specialised workshops.   The students at The Kool Kreative Co are also committed to the idea of every creative being helped and supported on their journey.  Our students are there for each other with advice and comraderie and are always available to assist each other as screen test and audition partners.




Kreate with confidence, support and guidance. Kool Kreatives is here to support and nurture your creative talent.


                       Kool Kreatives "Drop In" Classes


                       Monday Evening - 5:30PM to 7:30PM
                       Wednesday Evening - 5:30PM to 7:30PM
                       Saturday Afternoon - 2:30PM to 4:30PM


                       Price: $25 per lesson


                       Kool Kreatives Ensemble (by invitation only)


                      Tuesday Evening 6.30PM to 8.30PM


                       Price: $25 per lesson


                       Private "One on One" Lessons


                       One hour private lessons with Natalie Ryan-Brand.

                       Where the focus is entirely on your individual journey.


                       Price: $60 per hour


Venue: South Perth


Kool Kreatives also offers specialised workshops throughout the year.


Phone: 0419 856 418 (Natalie Ryan-Brand)




Produced & Directed by Gigi Brand


Learn why students enjoy being a part of Kool Kreatives!

  • Classes are small and inclusive

  • Classes are financially accessible for all students and creatives in attendance

  • Every creative who asks for guidance in any area of their creative path will receive it

  • Students and creatives are asked to support each other, critique each other in an honest, constructive and respectful manner and to always speak and act with kindness.

  • Classes are delivered by passionate, nurturing, kind and knowledgeable facilitators in a professional and approachable manner, with the intent of being valuable to your creative growth.

  • We intend to provide the opportunity for creative and personal growth in an emotionally, physically and spiritually healthy environment.

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